Is there anything worse than a crashed Endpoint?

STEP is likely to be a core system for any organisations that have invested the time and money to implement it. Consequently, there will be large quantities of data going in or out at various times, in many cases complex Business Rules must be adhered to/executed. The last thing the Business needs is one or more of these processes failing. So why do integrations or event processors crash? And what happens when they do?

What does STEP capability look like in your organisation?

A sneak peek into the workings of an innovative STEP MDM development team. I will discuss some of our responsibilities as designers and developers of the system, and how the Business are able to leverage this capability to continuously expand the benefits that STEP delivers..

How do you stay an expert in your own area of expertise?

Stibo Systems talked about Innovation, Partnerships and Sustainability as the three pillars of their corporate strategy. Sometimes these high level values can feel very abstract when you’re wrestling with the challenge of maintaining your in-depth knowledge of your STEP system at the same time as adding new features and enhancements to satisfy your business users.

Why Data Veritas, why now?

Data Veritas is me trying to help myself get better; by reflecting, by exercising my professional chimp, by documenting past glories and failures. Along the way it may help others. Either others like me, STEP Consultants, or perhaps “down-in-the-dirt” business users. You know… the ones who actually have to use the system once it’s been delivered.

Why Data Veritas, why now?

Welcome everyone and thanks for taking the time to read my first ever blog post, or article, or whatever name we give this stuff nowadays. I’ve decided to give this a name, Data Veritas; perhaps I think it may grow into something larger, but mainly it’s because I like the sound of it. Data Veritas is many things. Many simple things all rolled into one. Primarily, it is a traditional Blog. It’s me talking about stuff, or inviting others to talk about stuff. The stuff that will be talked about is Master Data Management (MDM)/Product Information Management (PIM) Consultancy and practice; even more specifically, STEP Consultancy, more on that another time… 

Secondly, although in truth the actual motivation for me to do it, Data Veritas is a tool to help me reflect on my professional experiences as a way of making myself better, as a way of helping me to mentally both connect more deeply to and disconnect from my work life, as a way of clarifying things in my mind to a higher degree. I’m hoping this will result in far fewer “I’m sure I’ve had this problem before” moments, which usually lead to some mild self-flagellation and, at times, crises of confidence. Here I’ve decided to go off on a slight tangent… I’ve recently read The Chimp Paradox by Prof. Steve Peters, and it’s not an understatement to say that it has changed my life. I will probably talk about this more at another time, but it is part of the reason that I am doing this. My new found ability to recognise the actual functioning of my psychological brain and have the opportunity to intervene has been hugely beneficial, and my extremely amateur and chaotic implementation of the principles discussed in The Chimp Paradox has led me to embark on various new journeys of personal growth. This leads me onto journalling… recently a very good friend of mine gifted me a Five Minute Journal (look it up), and although I’m currently not doing great at keeping it up to date, Data Veritas has its roots in some of the ideas behind journalling.

Thirdly, Data Veritas is a way of helping me to understand the people I am supposed to be helping, namely the “down in the dirt” Business Users who are left holding the reins when the implementation teams move onto the next project. These are the people I serve, and if I’m not able to understand their problems, or even discover their problems, then what’s the point of what I do?

So there we go, Data Veritas, the truth about MDM, a blog, a mirror to myself, an out-stretched hand to business users to engage and discuss MDM in the context of STEP Trailblazer. Who knows, if it all goes well, we could all end up helping each other quite a lot.