The journey does not end as soon as your new solution goes live. We are frequently contacted by previous clients looking for support to continue the evolution of their business.

The Data Veritas Solution Support Service has been designed to satisfy two distinct demands for ongoing support from our clients. We offer a traditional Support Helpdesk service to manage any production issues that your business my face. As well as offering an embedded Development team to fuel the growth and evolution of your solution. Clearly, we can also offer a blend of these two support services. We are happy to offer these services for new and existing clients, whether we designed and implemented your system or not. The Support Helpdesk is available for Production MDM systems; these systems often face issues that can be dificult to manage. 

The volume of data, the complexity of the data model and the inter-relationships between various data objects and data domains can often make it a challenge for an organisation to diagnose issues their business users are facing. Our years of experience designing, implementing and supporting these systems places us in a position to be able to offer our expertise to minimise the disruption these issues can cause.

Our Embedded Development Service has been our most popular offering over the years. Organisations with serious intent to maximise the potential of their MDM system do not stop once the initial implementation project has been completed. They continue to innovate. They continue to engage the users in the departments who use the MDM system to discover further incremental benefits that can be realised. This enables these organisations to better respond to changing trends, to bring in new initiatives to differentiate their organisation from their competitors. Our Embedded Development Service brings with it basic development principals such as version control on programmatic configuration and robust release management to ensure new features are well-tested and deployed in such a way to rapidly enable the business users.