Consulting on topics from public sector knowledge management to real-time analysis of Environmental data projects, we have always provided reliable best in class data support.

We are disrupting accepted practice when it comes to data capture and processing for projects with real-time remote monitoring requirements. Having enterprise Data Management and design as our core capability, we are equipped to apply state-of-the-art practices and process design approaches to a wide range of public interest and social value projects. We enable expert staff to monitor project progress and access frequent reporting on incoming data either remotely or on site. This increases effective oversight for work packages relying on data-leveraged outcomes and mitigates impact of incidents that could derail project timelines. Our enterprise data approach prioritise precise classification and robust quality processes to ensure the data outcomes for any project are reliable and therefore insightful for the organisation commissioning the project.

Data Veritas offers data modelling and dataflow consulting as part of project work for traditional digital and digital transformation projects. Our focus for Digital, is to bring together our Data Management, Quality and Integration expertise with core Digital project capability to ensure that we can deliver the highest possible quality of solution for clients in tandem with our Digital partners. 

Our best-in-class sevice methodology utilises our trusted partners where needed to ensure that any output for our clients have the highest possible quality throughout the broad range of domains that contemporary digital projects are composed of. In our experience this has been a fruitful way of working for our varied clientbase. Environmental data and waste management research services are a particular focus with our existing partners.