Saying that PIM is the little brother of MDM does not do justice to the benefits that PIM can bring to your business. Start your journey

Product Information Management is the starting point for many businesses when it comes to taking responsbility for your Product data. Not only does it demonstrate pragmatism and professionalism, it prises up a whole world of opportunity for your organisation to really differentiate yourselves from your competitors. Have you ever been online, looking for a piece of furniture, and you have a space in the room that the furniture needs to fit into, but you just can’t find the right dimension data to give you the confidence to buy. It’s a common issue and it’s a huge turn-off for many customers when they cannot find the  information they need.

This simplistic example is the kind of data issue that many organisations set off on their PIM journeys to solve. We’re confident in saying that we can help you solve these problems. However, an effective PIM platform not only allows your data quality team to ensure the correct data is there, it also brings your marketing team into the room. You can give your Marketing team memebrs access to the fields they want to work with to produce compelling copy. Enabling your teams to do their job efficiently and effectively will always convert into improved sales for your business.

We offer consultancy services to design and implement one of the world leading PIM solutions, best of all there’s a free tier. This Community Edition is a lite version of the full PIM platform that allows you to start your journey much earlier, without any impact on your running costs. This approach allows your business to grow with the PIM as a foundation of your data strategy. As you expand the additional paid for features in the PIM will sell themselves, giving you the capability to upgrade to enterprise grade data management solutions with minimal costly consultancy fees and painful business change activities. We highly recommend taking the plunge as early as you can ensure that as you scale your operations you will barely feel the data growing pains that many companies experience as they expand.