Data Quality as a Service is a specialty of ours. We can help provide data quality reporting using our secure cloud server-hosted DQ pipeline

We are pioneering a new approach to Data Quality; an approach designed to alleviate the workload required to set-up a secure and effective Data Quality pipeline and reporting process. We can offer you a dedicated Data Consultant to design and implement your Data Quality pipeline using a leading Data Quality platform and a choice of hosting options. As part of our Data Services, we encourage and support you to develop a Data Governance structure in your organisation to best apportion responsibility for your data. As part of this governance structure we will begin weekly Data Quality reporting sessions to provide your business users with information regarding the state of the data within the organisation.

The intention of this approach is to gradually move away from the weekly reporting aspect of these services as your Data governance personnel begin to take more ownership of the Data Quality process. This will lead to an eventual handover of the Data Quality reporting to an internal resource.

We are of course happy to take on more traditional project-based Data Consultancy work, and would be delighted to help your organisation to increase the standard of its data. Rememember, nowadays an organisations data is its major asset. Our Data Services are focussed entirely on maintaining your data to the highest possible standard, thus permitting your organisation to reach its full potential.