Data Migration is often necessary as part of an IT project. Moving data from a legacy system to a new solution can be a challenge.

Data Veritas has expertise in several data platforms. We specialise in setting up a robust data pipeline to ensure that your production data finds its way into your new data solution. A common part of any data migration effort is data cleansing. This can be carried out with the aim of making the data compatible with a new data model or as part of a Data Quality effort to improve the data so that the new solution is launched with optimal information at its heart.

The fundamental expertise required to design and implement a robust Data Migration exercise is attention to detail, an analytical mind and the ability to map out a concise data pipeline. These are also the fundamental principles in ensuring that inter-system Data Integrations are fit for purpose. We apply these skills to both Services. Our Data Integration services are often bundled in as part of our MDM and PIM services, however where required we are happy to help you to realise any new Data Integration initiatives that you have planned. 

Our Data Consultants are experts in their field, combining the requried technical expertise with great social skills to ensure that any planning and design engagements are targeted to get the requirements information in an efficient way to avoid taking your people away from their day job for extended periods of time. Once the design is in place, we perform numerous dry runs to ensure that the Data migration activities will be completed in a timely manner as part of an effective cutover plan.