We have a vision; of a new landscape. We want to help build a new world. And we don't apologise for grandiose statements

The world is moving faster than ever. Society and commerce are evolving and the way that organisations function in the world is changing.

Data Veritas has emerged from a desire to make the steps into this new world considered, deliberate, and purposeful. The purpose we talk of is about curating products and services that the world not only wants, but desperately needs.

Our contribution is to enable our clients, the true world builders, to push onto new frontiers knowing that their data is being managed in an efficient and effective way. That the data can be trusted. Decisions being made that will alter the way people live, are built on solid foundations. And those foundations were built ethically and sustainably. 

We’re not about exploiting opportunities. Big wins. We’re team players determined to do things the right way. Doing things the right way is about considering what’s best for everyone involved. We deliver high quality consultancy and want only success for our clients. We first build relationships and trust before building an IT solution. And we guarantee that our solutions will be industry-leading on quality.

What's the collective noun for a group of leaders?

To be honest we don’t know, but what we do know is that each and every individual who forms a part of our team is a leader in one way or another. We’re proud of our record helping a wide range of companies to improve their data initiatives. We’ve been engaged, and re-engaged, by many organisations who recognise our contribution and continue to benefit from the work we’ve done. 

Unprecedented. That's what we aim for with our clients' data initiatives.

Put people first

We invest in our people. We also focus on the people on the ground when it comes to solutions for our clients. We know that these people hold the information needed to succeed.

Pursue excellence

We push boundaries when it comes to enabling our clients to do the work that needs to be done. With great success. Behind that success is a desire to ensure that basics are done to the highest of standards.

Act with integrity

We work for you. We want the best for our clients, and the way we show that is our integrity. We will not always give you what you say you want; we will engage and listen and then give you our honest recommendations.

Embrace change

Our name was chosen for the sense of change and renewal it conveys. We have experienced projects that have failed through lack of change management. It is now core to our services.

International network of exceptional talent

Our team operates in a number of countries. Although we’ve often worked further afar, we’re currently concentrated in the UK, as well as having operations in many other European countries. Based in Italy, France, Spain or The Netherlands? Don’t let that stop you reaching out to us.

We really like us. We hope you will too . There's only one way to find out.